Breaking News Spokesperson Video

Do you have something important to say? Professional breaking news videos are an exceptionally powerful means of communicating a message online and over the air. Convincing and persuasive when professionally presented, filmed and edited, breaking news can be the breakthrough your business needs.

While most businesses cannot afford the luxury of a spokesperson and the advanced technology and software required to create professional breaking news videos, they are now easily obtainable online, customised to your unique requirements.

Liza Jandolf is an experienced actor and spokesperson and has produced dozens of convincing and persuasive news clips for a wide range of clients. Whatever your news story, Liza Jandolf has the demeanour and technical skill to convincingly present breaking news tailored to your specifications.

Breaking news spokesperson videos are filmed in a professional green screen studio, allow your choice of breaking news background to be included. Outfits from business attire to in-the-field gear can be chosen depending on the context. Text such as headlines, straplines, URLs and company name can be professionally added to create a polished video that has maximum impact.

Whether as a presenter or a reporter in the field, Liza can play the part with consummate ease to create a professionally finished breaking news video that captures your audience and holds their attention to best deliver your message.

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