American spokesperson videos

Research has shown that the right spokesperson can create a high degree of emotional connection with the viewer. A high degree of emotional connection unlocks customer motivation and leads to breakthrough moments where customers feel confident in your product or services and more willing to make a commitment to buying from your business.

Selling products or services successfully relies on creating a high degree of affiliation with your customer as well as a high level of trust. Research shows that people are more willing to buy products and services from people who are like themselves, so your choice of spokesperson is critical in building profitable relationships with potential customers.

An American spokesperson video can significantly enhance your chances of making a successful sale. In many parts of the world, an American spokesperson comes across as more trustworthy, more competent and more persuasive than any other nationality. In addition, American customers are more likely to trust and believe a spokesperson who is also American.

As an experienced actor and spokesperson, Liza Jandolf offers high quality American spokesperson videos filmed in a professional green screen studio. Your video will be finished according to your specifications and enable a high degree of emotional connection with your customers to build profitable and lasting relationships.

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