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Video is the most powerful form of communication used online and on air today. Using video to build awareness of your brand and business offering can lead to a breakthrough is awareness, uptake and sales. However, producing video can be expensive for small to medium enterprises who do not have access to the necessary human resources, technology and software to produce video.

While hiring a business spokesperson may be out of reach for most companies, having a bespoke business spokesperson video created specifically for you is easily obtainable, wherever you are in the world. You provide the brief via the website and your business spokesperson video will be delivered to you online within a matter of days, professionally finished and ready to use.

Liza Jandolf has extensive experience as an actor and spokesperson and offers tailor-made business spokesperson videos available to order online. Capable of producing polished, high quality videos filmed in a green screen studio and edited to include your choice of background, music and text, Liza Jandolf gives your company the boost it needs.

Spokesperson videos come in a multitude of forms and tailoring the video production to exactly what your business needs is speciality. Perfect for creating that all-important landing page first impression or social media clip, Liza’s acting experience gives her a unique to present in a manner that best reflects your business, your brand identity and your brand values.

Boost your brand and build your customer base with a professionally produced Liza Jandolf business spokesperson video.

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