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Explaining a difficult concept can be challenging when using only the written word. Most people don’t want to read large amounts of text, or simply skim over it, missing the most important details. Replacing text with video is a highly effective way to create a positive and lasting impression on website users.

Explainer videos are crucial when trying to communicate processes, ideas, information and much more. For example, a how-to spokesperson explainer video can take ten seconds to watch and have a far greater impact than a bullet list or paragraph of the same content. This is because people respond best to each other and creating an emotional connection through video is the key to better online business.

Liza Jandolf has extensive experience as an actor and spokesperson. With a unique insight into what works on screen to grab attention and hold it, she now produces high impact explainer videos and spokesperson videos for small to large businesses and companies across the globe.

All spokesperson explainer videos are filmed in a professional green screen studio and professionally edited to include your choice of background, music and text. Liza offers a range of outfits to choose from or the option to suggest what suits your brand best. Adding text and URLs adds to the impact of your video, creating an interactive experience that brings your customers closer. Music is optional.

All spokesperson explainer videos are produced with the highest quality video and sound, ready to use.

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