Green Screen Spokesperson Video

The most powerful form of media today is video. Whether you want to create a website video to raise your conversion rate, explain an important concept or present a new product or service, a professionally made spokesperson video will add credibility and impact to your site, boosting sales and increasing brand awareness.

Hiring a company spokesperson can be expensive, and then there is still the question of hiring or buying the right equipment, technology and software to create a video that has a professional finish. Green screen spokesperson videos take all the hassle and much of the expense out of creating professional and convincing video content for your business needs.

Liza Jandolf’s green screen spokesperson videos are shot in a professional green screen studio using the latest technology for optimum sound and video quality. Using advanced software, spokesperson videos can be edited to include your choice of static or dynamic background with the option to add text or music as appropriate. Outfits can be chosen to best complement your content.

Green screen spokesperson videos are highly customisable, making them the most versatile of spokesperson video formats available today. From employee training videos to website landing pages, sales pitches, marketing presentations, breaking news or important announcements, the uses of green screen spokesperson videos are innumerable.

Whether you are an independent marketing consultant, a small to medium business, a larger company or a non-profit organisation, a professional green screen spokesperson video can boost your sales, improve your image and creating a lasting impression that offers a great return on investment.

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