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Does your company have an important promotion coming up? Would you like customers to know important information about your product offering? Many businesses find themselves in need of assistance highlighting their business or product lines. The best boost you can give your promotion is to put it on video, giving your customers an interactive experience that has lasting impact.

Promotional spokesperson videos can be costly and time-consuming to produce. Most businesses today do not have professional spokespeople on their staff, and neither do they have the necessary technology and software to produce a highly polished, professional promotional video that best reflects their business identity, values and offering.

Liza Jandolf has extensive experience as an actor and spokesperson and now offers professionally filmed, edited and produced promotional spokesperson videos for use on any platform you choose. All Liza Jandolf spokesperson videos are filmed in a professional green screen studio and offer your choice of outfit, background, music and text.

Creating an emotional connection with your website users is critical to forming a lasting positive impression. With a unique insight into what works on screen, how to grab attention and hold it for the duration of the video is Liza’s speciality. You can be assured your viewers will gain an excellent first impression with a lasting impact to offer the best return on investment.

A promotional spokesperson video from Liza Jandolf is produced with the highest quality sound and video, professionally finished and delivered within days of ordering.


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