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Hiring the right spokesperson for the intended audience can have a significant impact on uptake and sales for your business. Building trust and lasting, profitable relationships with your customers depends on meeting them where they are and creating a high degree of emotional connection. Potential customers are more likely to believe, trust and buy from someone who is like them.

It is well known that the British feel a stronger emotional connection and affiliation to other British people, particularly in business dealings. In addition, many other cultures around the world tend to see British spokespeople as having more authority and competence and being more trustworthy than other nationalities.

To be effective in making sales as well as in creating impact and building profitable relationships, you need to choose the right spokesperson for the job. Building trust is critical to making a lasting impact, influencing customers and closing deals. Knowing your product and your market and who they will respond to best can provide the breakthrough you are looking for.

As an experienced actor and spokesperson, Liza Jandolf offers high quality British spokesperson videos filmed in a professional green screen studio. Whether it is an explainer video, news flash, overview or testimonial, your video will be finished according to your exact specifications to enable the best chance of connecting with your customers and effectively breaking through to sales.

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