Canadian Spokesperson Videos

Canada is known for its diversity and broad cultural heritage, but its people have a distinct cultural identity that can only be described as proudly Canadian. The value of video in enhancing web content and making a lasting impact is well known, but it is made even more powerful when the audience identifies strongly with the spokesperson featured in the video content.

Whatever type of video you are creating, its impact will be increased if your use a spokesperson who is representative of the audience you are trying to reach. If you have a target market in Canada, a Canadian spokesperson video will increase your chance of creating an emotional connection with your potential customers and making a lasting impact that builds a profitable relationship.

Finding a Canadian spokesperson can be difficult if you are looking online or live elsewhere in the world. With her wide experience as an actor and professional spokesperson, Liza Jandolf is competent, convincing and experienced in creating Canadian spokesperson videos.

All Liza Jandolf’s spokesperson videos are created in a professional green screen studio with top of the range equipment for excellent sound and video quality. Your video can be edited to include a background of your choice as well as accommodate your unique specifications, from any text you may want included to which outfit should be worn for the spokesperson video you require.

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